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Lunch Program

Homesteader Lunch Supervision Program

Homesteader School offers lunchroom supervision for students who are unable to go home for lunch.  Though we believe that children should go home for lunch whenever possible, we are also aware that parents who are away from home during the day, to attend classes or to go to work, often find it difficult to find suitable and affordable noon hour childcare.  

Drop-In lunch supervision service is not available due to space constraints;  however, should an emergency arise and you need to request special consideration please call the school office at 478-1139.

Lunchroom Fees:

Fees for the 2017-2018 school year will be:

  • $10.00 per month for one child.
  • Fees are due each month before the service starts and suspension of services may result should your account not be up-to-date.

Who is not eligible for registration in the lunch program?

  • Children whose parents are home over the noon hour and the family home is in easy walking distance of the school.
  • Children whose previous lunchroom fees are currently owing  (until arrangements are made with the Principal).

To be eligible for the lunch supervision program for September 2016, families must register their child/ren and remit the September fee by September 12.

All future payments are due one week before the service will be required.  For example: the October lunch fees are due the last week of September, November would be due during the last week of October, etc.

We do not provide microwave service.  Families wishing to provide a hot lunch for their child/ren may send this to school with your child in a thermos.

Areas of Responsibility:

  • The lunch program is responsible for supervising children who are both registered for the lunch and have their fee payments made in advance. 
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child/children are registered in the program by Monday, September 12.
  • Parents of students who are active participants in the lunch program are responsible for advising the school either in person, by way of telephone communication to the school office, or, through written communication to the school (via your child’s Agenda) if your child has permission to leave the school over the lunch hour.  Students are not to leave the school grounds if the above arrangement has not been made.

Milk Program:   Homesteader School will be offering a milk program again this year if there is enough interest.

Milk cards can be purchased through the school office as follows:

  • $5.00 for 6 milk
  • $10.00 for 12 milk
  • $20.00 for 30 milk

This program offers students a healthy alternative to juice for lunch. 

Behaviour Expectations:

Please note, the School Behaviour policy as outlined in the Parent Handbook also applies to all students over the noon hour.   Students who find it difficult to demonstrate appropriate behaviour during the lunch hour, may be suspended from this program.

Should you have any questions regarding the program please feel free to contact Marina Thompson in the school office.

Apple Schools

From the Apple Schools website:

The Alberta Project Promoting active Living and healthy Eating (APPLE Schools) is helping to define effective ways to create healthy school communities in Alberta. 

The program motivates change and transforms school environments for improved learning and health. The goal of the project is a transformation into a healthy school community.

APPLE Schools Vision  

Healthy active people thriving in healthy school communities.         

APPLE Schools Mission 

APPLE Schools will empower school communities to make the healthy choice the easy choice. Students' active living and healthy eating habits will be supported through sustainable changes to school, home and community environments. 

Our Purpose: 

1. To improve healthy living habits of students. 
2. To increase knowledge about healthy living for parents, students, teachers and the school community. 
3. To apply and sustain Comprehensive School Health in school communities.
4. To sustain capacity for healthy environments in school communities.
Currently, the APPLE Schools project is being implemented in over 40 schools across northern Alberta helping staff, students and families to “make the healthy choice the easy choice”.